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Their faces linger on the other side of eternity
Through the mist and over the precarious bridge
Through the dark and the frigid temperatures
Past the brick walls and creeping plants
Their faces toss and turn, dance across the way
An ocean of musings rush my intellect
and I step onto the wobbly crossing
Their jests are not of the amusing kind
Each step pinches my stomach and steals my oxygen
I hear screaming, crying, slamming,
A sensation of burning embers coats my skin
Their faces run around my head and giggle
You're petty, you're worthless, you're no one to us
My cheeks sting and my vision is blurred
I stumble backwards
and find myself back on the opposing side.
Their faces taunt that I'm forgotten,
that I'm all alone now.
:iconsilently-i-sing:Silently-I-Sing 1 5
A Close, Yet Distant Friend
Rain patters softly against the window
Hushed rumbles of thunder beckon from the sky
An ever so slight breeze shakes the leaves of the trees
and one small tear trickles from my eye.
My fingers dance on the keys of a piano
Slow, minor notes saunter from its strings
Maybe music can ease the pain
Continued sorrow is all that it brings.
One friend is gone for good
It's alright, I'll be okay
There are others to support me
There's not much else I can say.
One friend turns to five
You'll make new ones, it's going to be fine
They all just suddenly vanish
It goes right on down the line.
There's no one left in this world
Except for one, just you.
My close, yet distant friend
unless you decide to abandon me, too.
My close, yet distant friend,
you are all that I have now
Please just stay, I'll do anything
I will love you if I know how.
So many have left my side this time
I'm just trying to recover
Take my hand and don't leave, please
Loneliness isn't something I want to rediscover.
:iconsilently-i-sing:Silently-I-Sing 1 18
Relax, it's Summer :iconsilently-i-sing:Silently-I-Sing 3 6 Dusk :iconsilently-i-sing:Silently-I-Sing 2 2
Not Too Late
I shield my eyes to hide the horror
I close them, but I'm afraid of the darkness
I cut my nails so I'll quit scratching
It hurts when they dig into my skin.
You sit upon a throne of hate
Laughing down at me
I sometimes run for the gate
but you tend to always see.
I keep my eyes down to avoid the pain
I don't want your nasty comments
I want to be alone, I should be alone
Who would ever talk to me?
You sit upon a throne of hate
Laughing down at me
I sometimes run for the gate
but you tend to always see.
I block out the world just to stay safe
Even though there's nothing I can do
You throw me around because I'm nothing
You make sure that's stained in my brain.
You sit upon a throne of hate
Laughing down at me
I guess it's really not too late
for me to try to be free.
:iconsilently-i-sing:Silently-I-Sing 1 4
Ominous darkness follows close behind my back
It bites at my heals and pricks my fingertips
Try walking faster, pulling my jacket collar up
But it's a persistent creature filled with wicked intentions
It bears teeth that were designed to inflict
the deepest of pains fathomable to such feeble beings
It has the capacity to grab hold of the mind
and force it to see the most atrocious things
I can't control it, I can't make it stop
I'm helpless, I'm hopeless, there's nothing I can do
It envelopes my brain as I run through the trees
Screaming at things that are not even there
I take a deep breath and pause in my panic
But the images come back and I'm truly haunted
Spiders crawl on the trunks of every tree
Every green leaf is now black and burning
There are eyes everywhere, staring at me
And there's voices in my mind telling me I'm done
I'm finished, it's over, there's no end in sight
There's no way of escaping this place of constant night
I'm stuck, I'm buried deep down inside
As it takes o
:iconsilently-i-sing:Silently-I-Sing 3 0
Into Darkness :iconsilently-i-sing:Silently-I-Sing 1 0
I Don't Want You to Go
I've laid a blanket over my eyes
I've numbed the feeling in my stomach
I've stopped my mind from wandering
and I've shielded my heart with a shell
All so that you wouldn't see
Just all of what is happening to me.
My eyes are clouded over
and I don't want you to know
My stomach is in such pain,
but that's something I refuse to show
My mind is filled with sorrow
but you don't need to know I'm that low
My heart is slowly breaking
And I'll soon be the one to go.
I've always loved you to no end
I've always needed you around
I've longed for your presence
and I've missed you for so long
All so that you wouldn't see
Just all of what is happening to me.
My love is still never failing
but I just don't want you to know
Without you, I know I'd be lost
but that's something I refuse to show
I always want you to be near
but you don't need to know I'm that low
I've missed you for such a long time
And I don't want you to go.
:iconsilently-i-sing:Silently-I-Sing 2 2
Shattered Porcelain
They sit in the basement collecting dust
Their porcelain smiles turning to frowns
Their hair begins to lose its curl
As the past all begins to swirl.
They wear dainty, petite gowns
and shoes that are losing their shine
They sit, unwanted and old
Begging not to be sold.
Their soft, colored eyes start to turn gray
and the memories begin to fade
Their eyes fill with sweet, sweet tears
And they become one of a child's aberrant fears.
Where, someone tell me where
has my childhood gone, the exuberance
The dolls sit and wonder the same
and ask why I never came.
:iconsilently-i-sing:Silently-I-Sing 1 0
Light in the Dark :iconsilently-i-sing:Silently-I-Sing 3 0 Tick Tock :iconsilently-i-sing:Silently-I-Sing 1 0
She's Better Than Me
If she sat upon the delicate black bench
of a piano,
and played a lovely Schubert tune
the halls would be filled with a light melody.
If I sat upon the same delicate bench
of a piano,
and played the same Schubert tune
all that would be heard is the pounding of keys.
If she sat on the wooden, wobbly stool
of an artist's easel,
and painted a beautiful landscape
the canvas would be decorated with intricate, colorful strokes.
If I sat on the same wooden, wobbly stool
of an artist's easel,
and painted a beautiful landscape
the canvas would be smeared with the unlikeness of the scene.
If she picked up her pencil
and sat at the desk like an intelligent student,
and took an exam known to be merciless
the results would come back as perfection with zero marks.
If I picked up the same pencil,
and sat at the very same desk like an intelligent student,
and took an exam known to be merciless
the results would show imperfection, stupidity, ignorance.
She's better than me.
:iconsilently-i-sing:Silently-I-Sing 1 7
Mascara Black Tears
Mascara black tears stream down my face
as I scream and beg to be heard
there's not even the chirp of a single bird
as death and sorrow envelope us.
My agony doesn't deserve to be noticed by Jesus
He has many more important things on his hands
For all across these vast, open lands,
there are people suffering much worse than me.
Just short of the embraces stretched toward me,
the soft grasp I will never feel
It's all signed, closed and finished with a seal
I am nothing, invisible and in the dark.
The outside world tries to tell me they can relate
Oh God, tell me you can hear me!
I don't know how many more days I can bear to see
as I am slowly consumed by black.
:iconsilently-i-sing:Silently-I-Sing 2 10
The hand that I never held,
The embrace that I never felt.
The eyes that could never lock with mine,
The smile that was never intended for me.
I put my heart and soul out on the line,
just for you,
just because I love you.
You took my heart in your hand
and sprinkled dirt all over it - hurtful words
spit on it and threw it away - you don't care.
My hands and legs shake as I fall to my knees
Confused, shaken,
:iconsilently-i-sing:Silently-I-Sing 2 2
         You glare into my soul
         you rip the tears right from my eyes
         You grab my arm and yell
         but no sound comes out.
         You lightly grasp my hand
         and tell me just how much you love me
         My heart lifts and I believe you
         What would you gain from lying?
I sit alone and cry in the dark
You call me and put a smile back on my face
At this exact, perfect moment,
I feel untouchable, protected.
No one knows about my tears except you
they would all think me mad
No one would understand like you.
No one will react like you.
                             You sit alone and listen in the dark
:iconsilently-i-sing:Silently-I-Sing 3 5
Wind Chimes :iconsilently-i-sing:Silently-I-Sing 1 0


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello there.

I'm Silently-I-Sing. I like to draw and write poetry. I'm a strong believer in God. I also love to figure skate, dance, and play the piano.
I hope that you like what I have in my gallery.
Have a wonderful day and God bless you! :)

I'm also on:
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I don't have a title... Sorry. :3


I was on an ever so mini drawing kick yesterday. I only had enough time to draw one thing. It was a horse with armor. I can't say it was my own idea, I used a reference, but at least I drew something lol. I'm still trying to figure out if I want to color it or not. AHH. DECISIONS.

I've been writing a bit lately, too, however a lot of those poems are still incomplete. I'm trying to finish some tonight.

I'm also losing my mind. :D

  • Listening to: Angel With a Shotgun by The Cab.
  • Reading: Soul Surfer. It's a fantastic book.
  • Drinking: Water.

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